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Photographer / Videographer / Vlogger

George Durzi

My images are everyday stories told differently.

It all started with a Canon 550D, borrowed from a friend for a video project at work. That was the first time I handled a DSLR camera and I had no idea how to use it. But the challenge got me instantly hooked! Very soon I was lapping up the basics, and experimenting with different modes and settings on my very-own DSLR. In time, my curiosity turned into a hobby, and very soon this hobby blossomed into a burning passion.


Landscape photography is wonderfully unique. Thanks to Mother Nature, no two days are ever the same, which is why I love to spend precious time capturing beautiful moments, such as warming sunrises and captivating sunsets – these are the most magical hours of the day. When taking landscape photographs, I like to arrive at the location approximately one to two hours before I start any shoot, drawing inspiration from the elements and the natural surroundings. Getting the composition right is critical for successful landscape photography, which is why I also take the time to consider what elements of the landscape will be in the foreground and background of each image.

Even though extreme weather conditions can often prevent me from capturing any images, landscape photography is still my passion. The unpredictable nature of this type of photography makes it even more exciting, and I truly believe Mother Nature always has something better planned for me when a photoshoot doesn’t quite go to plan. Without a doubt, one of the most incredible places I have visited for a landscape photography project is Iceland, as its wonderful glaciers, beautiful waterfalls and fantastic fjords are breathtaking.


Over the years I have developed a real passion for cityscape photography, and beautiful sunrises in some of the world’s most stunning cities make waking up early to capture these images a real joy. There’s something about the combination of sunlight and architecture that is magical, as the soft morning light highlights the delicate details of buildings in a way you can’t experience throughout the day.

The same can be said about sunsets; the vibrant light and exotic colours allow me to capture different gradients, adding real interest to the architecture around me. As I’m based in Dubai, I’m lucky enough to witness the birth of exquisite and unique architecture every day, and being able to shoot from rooftops is another great benefit of living in this emerging city.


With so many people now recording their experiences for friends, family, and even strangers online, I decided to take the plunge and began documenting my own photography journey on YouTube in 2018. I really like the idea of sharing with you what I’m thinking when I arrive at new locations and my ideas for different shots. As highlighted above, landscape photography has its fair share of challenges, and I’m keen to tell you about every aspect of my journey.

As an Arab and English speaker living in Dubai, I have decided to produce content primarily in Arabic with English subtitles. YouTube is a great platform for showcasing my work and sharing the advice I have to offer with fellow photographers and enthusiasts. I look forward to generating more content for viewers around the world. To watch my latest videos, subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking on the Subscribe button below.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking on the Subscribe button below.

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